Improve efficiency and maintain consistency. Easily communicate and ensure complete oversight of all locations through one platform. Designed for all multi-location teams. Get a demo and see how we can help streamline your workflow.

Increase efficiency

Increase workflow efficiency with integrating your whole team into one platform. Use our tool to onboard new locations with easy to use task assignment and direct communication interface.

Why our Product?

Create a checklist for each task to ensure the task is completed properly

Create a workflow and project list for locations

Assign tasks to individuals in your team

Collaborate with all members of your team. Consolidate all communications in one platform

Create workflows for new regional projects or newly onboarded locations

Create dynamic checklist due-dates by location to increase consistency between locations

Increase Productivity

Consistency with branding

Create and copy workflows for all locations to keep consistency in your brand guidelines

Can support all types of projects

Our tool is designed to accommodate all projects, tasks, and checklists for multi-location businesses

More about the Product

Task management software is specifically designed to mange multiple locations at once. Categorize each location and invite regional and local managers to contribute in projects. Easy to onboard and high adoption rate by all users. Onboard new managers or location owners with ease. Our task management system increases efficiency and consistency. Keep a consistent workflow throughout regional markets and overall branding.

Our support team will also ensure to answer any questions you or any members of your team might have. Contact us today and see how we can streamline your workflow.

Application Features

Built for all devices

Instant notification for all changes in tasks or direct messages

Email reminders for new and upcoming tasks

Sub-tasks for multi-step tasks

Integrated map view for easier multi-location management

Tagging system for a more organized workflow

Location Mangement

Designed to increase efficiency for your whole team

Cost Savings

Priced right for all business sizes

Expert Support

Designated live chat support

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