Unemployment & Covid19 Map by County

Interactive Covid19 Cases & Unemployment Data


Usability: Click & Drag to reposition your view. Zoom in & out by either using your mouse scroll or Zoom Control located on the top left of the map. Click on a location on the map to get relevant data for that geo-location.


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The premise of this map is to compare the number of Covid19 cases to the number of unemployment. The correlation between the two variables seems apparent, but there are other factors related to this study. This relation of the two data does not necessarily indicate a causation of the unemployment. There are other factors that might attribute to the high unemployment number including: density of population/urbanization, state of the aid system, and local laws impacting businesses. This map is designed to give a visual representation of the two factors impacting the economy currently and their seeming connection to one another. Join our email list for more interactive research like this.

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